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This Is Where Your Donations Go

Thanks to your generous giving, our church was able to donate $1,000 to the Good Samaritan Mission and $1,000 to the One22 (Formerly known as the Community Resource Center and the Latino Resource Center). These donations are used to feed and house the needy in our community.

Upcoming Special Collection – June 24/25

Next week, our second collection will be for Peter’s Pence, which provides Pope Francis with the funds he needs to carry out his charitable works around the world. The proceeds benefit our brothers and sisters on the mar-gins of society, including victims of war, oppression, and disasters. Please be generous. For more information, visit

Living & Giving in Christ – Progress as of June 16

Thank you so much for responding to our request for your participation in Living and Giving in Christ.  Your gift makes it possible for the Diocese to provide for the ministerial needs of the People of God in Wyoming. OLM Target Financial Target is $93,022 (100%) Participation Target is 674 families (100%) OLM Update as of … Continue reading Living & Giving in Christ – Progress as of June 16