Online Giving

With Online Giving, you can make contributions from your bank account or credit card (MasterCard or VISA), manage your transactions, and keep track of your giving history.

Give regularly by creating an account, or give one time using the quick give option through our Online Giving Provider (Our Sunday Visitor):


  • You can create an online account, which allows you to automatically view your giving history for tax purposes. Why wait for a statement in the mail? Simply print your year-end giving summary from your online account.
  • Align your contribution schedule to your income plan. Change the amount or dates easily in your online account.
  • Avoid the hassle of writing checks.
  • Earn points on your credit card by using a card that participates in a rewards program.
  • Don’t worry about how you will give while on vacation or while being away for an extended period of time; your contributions continue even while you are gone.
  • It’s secure. Your account, data, and passwords are all encrypted to ensure secure transactions.
  • Giving online helps the parish in several ways: The parish can save on the cost of mailing offertory envelopes. Online contributions also export automatically to church management software, which reduces the amount of time staff members need to spend counting and tracking contributions. With online giving, the parish can do a better job planning the budget and can focus more time and money on ministries and programs.
  • Give without creating an account, if you prefer, by using the Quick Give option.