Lectio: Prayer

How is your prayer life?  Though prayer is one of the essentials of a thriving faith, we often feel as if we’re talking to ourselves—or, worse, as if we’re talking to no one at all. How can something so vital to the Faith be so elusive? Lectio: Prayer was created to help us find intimacy with God through effective, conversational prayer.

Join us for this 6-part Bible Study.  This program will be offered on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, beginning October 11.  Schedule will be:

Sundays – beginning at 9:00 am in the Parish Hall, facilitated by Deacon Doug

Tuesdays – beginning 10:00 am virtually (on-line), facilitated by Deacon Doug

Wednesdays – Beginning 6:30 pm, both in the Parish Hall and virtually, facilitated by Deacon Richard

Study materials may be downloaded from our FORMED.org subscription.  If you would like a full-color, printed study guide, please notify Deacon Doug dvlchek@aol.com or Deacon Richard DeaconRichardOLM@gmail.com.  The cost will be $10 for the guide.