Easy and Ntobekolo

Doers of the Word                         Sunday, August 2                 A contemporary story shows how the elements important to Matthew’s community – forgiving, healing, feeding, hope, and the ability to deal with crowds that face violence and desperation – can be lived today.  In 1993, 26-year-old Amy Biehl went as a Fulbright Scholar to help prepare the people … Continue reading Easy and Ntobekolo

Dance of Death!

Doers of the Word.                        Saturday, August 1                             Dance of Death! Commemoration of John the Baptist’s cruel death. In this dark and depressing passage, a ruler becomes so entranced by his stepdaughter’s moves that he makes a fateful promise he later regrets. Herod Antipas was a morally conflicted man.  His wife Herodias use to be married … Continue reading Dance of Death!

Camel Knees!

Doers of the Word   Saturday, July 25    Apostle St. James                                                    Camel knees! Few things annoy us as much as people who talk a good game but can’t back it up.  The man who claims to shoot like Michael Jordan on the basketball court but can’t sink the easiest shot.  The Christian role model who … Continue reading Camel Knees!

Water, water, everywhere!

Doers of the Word.                                       Friday, July 24                                           Questions? “Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink.” (“Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.)  Questions, questions, everywhere and not a. . . where are the answers?  We are reading and pondering the 13th chapter of St. Matthew’s Gospel.  It’s a story chapter: … Continue reading Water, water, everywhere!

We pray that you rest in peace..

** Funeral arrangements are as follows: **

Vigil: Thursday, July 30 (6:30 pm) at St. Barbara’s Catholic Church in Powell.

Funeral: Friday, July 31 (10:00 am) at St. Barbara’s Catholic Church in Powell.

Interment will occur after the funeral at Mount Pisgah Cemetery in Gillette.

** Services are not open to the public due to the limited spacing. **

The funeral will be livestreamed. We will post a link for the livestream as soon as it is available.

Please keep Fr. Beavers’ family in your prayers.