Musical Notes | February 3

For the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, the readings illustrate that “no prophet is appreciated in his own home.”  Jeremiah and Jesus place their hope in the Lord as the Psalm urges, while St. Paul celebrates the greatest of all gifts: love. The service opens with hymn #745 “Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation,” calling on the Lord to hear our prayers.   The Ordinary parts of the Mass can be found in the Misa Santa Fe (copies available on the bookcase in the rear of the church and on the two music stands at the front), starting with the Glory to God. The Psalm is #1103 “I Will Sing of Your Salvation.” The Preparation hymn celebrates Christ’s presence through our actions in “Where Charity and Love Prevail” (#706). In the Communion hymn, “O God, You Search Me” (#581), we reflect on God’s knowledge of us and our purpose in life, and we close today’s service with #775 “Go Make a Difference.”