Baptism Information Needed In Order To Have Your Child Baptized At Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church Or Chapel of the Sacred Heart

You, and the godparents, must be registered members of our parish or have written permission from your respective parishes signed and sealed by the Pastor.

If you, or the godparents, wish to be a registered member of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, you need to completely fill out the “Parish Registration” form and return it to the parish office prior to scheduling the baptism.

You as the parents must completely fill out your portion of the “Baptism Form” and return it to at least one month before the desired date of the Baptism.

You, and the godparents, must attend our “Baptism Preparation Class” or have a written document stating you attended the class at another parish.

Once all the proper paperwork is complete we can discuss dates and times for the Baptism as well as any other necessary arrangements.

Starting in  December 2016, English Baptisms will take place on the first Saturday of each month at 11:00 am.