Summer Singing with the Choir – Sept 3, 17, & 30

Anyone who likes to sing is invited to rehearse with the
choir before a Mass and then sing with the choir at that
Mass. You could participate just once or every week!
The choir will be rotating through the weekend liturgies.
The Mass schedule with the rehearsals is below:

  • Sept 3 Sunday 8:00 AM Mass – 7:30 Rehearsal
  • September 17 Sunday 10:00 Mass – 9:15 Rehearsal
  • September 30, Saturday 5:30 Mass – 4:45 Rehearsal

There are many visitors, summer home owners and regular
attending parishioners who sing well. This is an
opportunity to share your talent. Just show up for rehearsal
before Mass ready to sing and have some fun!
Hymnals and special music will be provided. If you have
questions, see Ron after Mass or email him: