Parish Council Announced

This week we would like to introduce you to another leadership team in the parish. The Parish Council is a distinct entity and should not be confused with the Finance Council.

The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council or “Parish Council” is to give counsel to the Pastor concerning the pastoral activity in the Parish.  Under the authority of Fr. Lucas, this council investigates, considers, and proposes practical conclusions about those things that pertain to the pastoral ministry in the parish.  In keeping with the theological implications of the Church and Canon 536, the Parish Council possesses a consultative vote, which is not necessarily binding.  Members of the council are fully initiated Catholics who are firm in their faith, have good morals and prudence, and are free of canonical penalties or impediments.

The Parish Council is here to listen to you, the members of the parish.  They would like you to communicate your thoughts and ideas for the good of the parish.  Please feel free to reach out to any member.

Leah Chace:  Leah is active in Faith Formation and serves as a Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher.

Teresa Donnelly:  Teresa currently is head of the Altar Server program.  In addition, Teresa hosts the Saturday night Wine and Cheese Receptions.

Chris Jaubert:  Chris is the immediate past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus.  He continues to serve the Knights and is in charge of the bulletin advertising.

Sandy Ostdiek:  Sandy is the immediate past President of the Jackson Council of Catholic Women.  She continues to contribute her time to JCCW, and she assists in the Parish Office.

Sal Rodriguez:  Sal is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a regular cook for Knights’ events.

Natalie Stewart:  Natalie hosted regular Bible study groups over the last few years for women in our parish.   She continues to mentor women in the parish.

Lori Tillemans: Lori was instrumental in forming and leading the Welcoming Committee under Fr. Randy.  She continues to welcome all to the parish and frequently hosts the Coffee and Donut Hour after Sunday Mass.

Christi Yannelli: Christi is one of the leaders of the Youth Group and has been a Confirmation teacher.  She participates in Eucharistic Adoration Holy Hour each Thursday.